First Time Auditions
First Time Auditions - It's These Naked College Girls First Time On Video
Her cute plump butt was nice and it was a good thing we found her because we noticed that her ass was ready to have sex for the first time. Sure she was a virgin teen but the First Time Auditions crew knows how to properly fuck first time teen college girls the right way. We noticed she had quite a body on her so we offered her a shot on the couch. She comes to the couch with dreams of being a model. While on the couch we reveal to her that this isn't the modeling couch but the casting couch. She really didn't want to partake until two grand was mentioned. Once the wad of money is flashed off come clothes and in goes the cock!
She answered our ad in the local paper for a modeling position. The only position we have in mind for her is perhaps doggystyle, 69, and a blowjob while on her knees. Check out this casting couch teen's naked audition video to see this real first timer get naked. She found out what the casting couch is all about when our man came out rock hard. She said she needed the money so she grabbed his dick and knew just what to do! She showed us some moves and then we told her that it really wasn't a cheerleader film at all. She was about to walk out until she saw the hand full of cash. Soon after that she had a mouth full of cock.
She wants to be a famous movie star. Before she gets her big shot at stardom she has to go through the usual steps. She has to start from the bottom & work her way up. In this episode of First Time Auditions we sat her on our casting couch for her audition. She answered an ad for a bikini model. When she came in we made her another offer which she wasn't happy about. Until the cash comes out, and she gave up the ass for cash. She sucked cock and ended up with a face full of cum! She was a bit soft spoken at first, but once she got a cock inside her she went wild! I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of her in the Porn World.
We have such a hot college coed joining us this week here at First Time Auditions. She has a perfect set of college-aged boobs! See us fuck her during her naked college audition. She came in for what she thought would be a TV series, but what we were filming could never be played on TV. After some talking into, she was quick to get a cock in her mouth and suck on it like a pro. She took his cock even better then she sucked! Soon enough she had a cock in her mouth then got her tight pussy fucked! How's that for an audition. That's just what happens with these teenagers here. She sucked cock, earning her spot in the Porn World auditions!
We get real college students to audition because we need new fresh teen talent
She is a horny teen who wants to be famous in broadway, hollywood or even in porn. She's never been in a porno before, in fact she's never even watched one. That's what you call a real casting couch virgin teen. During her interview on the casting couch she expressed how much she likes to fuck. She was thrilled when we told her we wanted to fuck her on video. She accepted a few hundred bucks and after that she wanted to make sure she was worth every penny. She's one crazy college chick. We've had some psycho women in the past but this one takes the cake. She was talking and wouldn't shut the fuck up so we shoved a cock in that mouth to shut her up. During her naked college audition she squealed like a dog while we fucked her doggystyle.
She's willing to do anything to become a star. She's is a teen that is strapped for cash so nothing is off limits for today. We did an outdoor shoot to start things off. After a while we saw her erect nipples and suggested she go topless. One thing led to another and by the time we realized what was going on, she was rubbing our dick and drooling at the sight of it. She is just one of the many horny teens we have on display at Casting Couch Auditions. She's a sweet young college girl with an innocent looking face - too bad it's going to get a huge load of sperm all over it. This horny little college girl couldn't get enough cock so she took a cumshot straight on the face! Check her full video out by getting a password to First Time Auditions now.
Our next college girl to make it into our casting couch auditions is an exchange student. She's here to make it in Hollywood. First she has to suck some wood. She has no experience in acting, but she said she did suck a cock once. Today was her second cock because we gave her a mouthful. Afterwards, we concluded the interview by splashing some cum on her face. There's nothing like giving a girl a hot facial. You can get their videos by joining today. Can you just imagine those gorgeous eyes looking up at you while she's sucking your dick? She bobbed her head for several minutes before taking a cock in her pussy here. We got the video in the members area where you can see her with cum all over her pretty and and even in her eyes too.
She wants to become an actress. However she has no previous experience. We put her on an episode of ours to see how good she was at acting. By the looks of how she screams when she gets fucked, she's a good actress, because it really did seem like she couldn't handle the cock we were thrusting into her. We decided to give her some experience so now she can add "First Time Auditions" to her resume. Watch just how bad is. She's a little rich snobby spoiled blonde teen brat who comes from a wealthy family. So why did she want to try out at Casting Couch Teens? She says she loves to fuck! This college princess immediately got on her knees to suck on that cock. If her rich daddy could only see her now - how proud he'd be.
We gather up tons of young college girls and they come to the casting to audition
She was wearing a tight little white tank top, some tiny shorts and knee high socks. She was dressed like a total slut so we knew she would do anything we told her. She'll take off her short shorts and tank top right away. She came to audition to be a pornstar because she likes to get fucked! This naughty college girl took a hard pussy pounding for over a half hour before finally accepting cum on her face! She left the First Time Auditions studio with a big smile on her face. Her naked college audition went just fine.
When she left the midwest to come to California she left with no money and a big dream. Today we gave her a big cock for her little pussy. She answered our classified ad and after getting comfortable, she was ready to get naked and show how midwestern girls get down. File it in the folder titled dirty sluts fucking for the first time. She showed up in our First Time Auditions offices wanting to get fucked by a complete stranger. So we couldn't let her down. She got her vagina pounded for over 40 minutes before she finally took a load.
She came in and wanted to be a super model. When she came in we told her there was cock involved and she was completely in shock. When the cold hard cash came out she lost all her inhibitions and got down to sucking that dick. Let's see if you got what it takes, baby! Put this cock in your mouth and see if you know what to do with it! She's a crazy college party girl, so sucking cock is like a hobby to her. This college audition quickly turned into a naked college audition the more money we offered her. How did it end? How else, with a hot facial.
Like many of the First Time Auditions we encounter, this girl was a bit shy at first. She was so confused at first but once we got her loose, she was ready for anything. She wasn't real turned on at first, in fact she looked confused and scared. Once we took out the hundred dollar bills, she started to laugh and seemingly got hornier and hornier for no reason at all. She is a crazy college girl who will do anything for a good fuck! That's how teens are, they want money.  She gave a great blowjob then took a gigantic wad of hot sticky semen on her face!
Within minutes we have these college girls naked in their casting auditions
She's one of those teen college girls with big tits. She always wears these tshirts that say something in the front. She says it's to make guys stare at her tits. She gets off on knowing that guys like to take a peek at her rack. Today she was going to show us the goods. In fact, she was going to show us all of her body, which was more than what she planned on doing. But that's the life of a college teen, they'll do whatever it takes for a little extra cash.
She had no idea how the entertainment industry works. You have to fuck your way to the top. That's how all the famous models and actresses do it. First you start off by fucking us, then you get introduced to big producers. I can't believe she bought it. We did a shoot with her and she thought it was just an audition but it really was the movie. This girl knows what to do when she sees a hard dick, she sucks it then fucks it! With an attitude like that she's gonna get far.
We got a few talent scout business cards and went out on the streets, pretending we were looking for the next big actress. Can you believe these stupid girls believed us. These were just some silly business cards anybody can get. We took them back to our place and a little lingerie modeling turned into us checking out their tits. From there, it was easy to get these innocent college teens to do anything we wanted. That's just what happened to her.
She goes to the school of hard knocks. Today she's going to the school of hard cocks. She came in to audition on our casting couch for a television commercial. We did a short interview but we decided she wasn't right for our tv ad, but she was perfect for our other project, a little thing we like to call "First Time Auditions". She was a bit shy to begin, but once we mentioned all the money she could make, she was on her knees, mouth open, ready to suck dick.
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She wants to be a model but she's too short. She's just perfect for our next episode of Casting Couch Teens, where real college teens come to our auditions and get naked for a little extra college money. She doesn't mind going the extra mile to get what she wants. She really knows how to get ahead in life. If you want to watch how this college teens gets exactly what she wants in life, join Casting Couch Teens to watch this hot college girl do it dirty.
She answered one of our classified ads. She came in to the studios of First Time Auditions for an audition. This college girl was late because of traffic. We told her that the photographer had gone home already so she was bummed out. We told her though that she can still make it to be a big star if she lets us have our way with her. First we took out some money, then that's when the clothes starting coming off. It's amazing how that works isn't it.
She came over to First Time Auditions for a little naked audition action. We sat on the casting couch and had a little discussion about her future. She wants to become a model, but here at First Time Auditions we have a different idea in mind for her. We asked her to do some crazy things like lower her blouse and show us her bra. Little did she know that her nipple was already showing. One thing led to another and.. there goes another First Time Auditions episode.
Here at First Time Auditions, we love it when a young 18 year old girl comes by and that's just what happened today. This real amateur naked college girl was was sucking cock in no time and making her way into the porn world! Join today to watch her complete naked college audition episode here at Casting Couch Teens. This cute teenager goes all the way here and gets completely naked in front of strangers. Face down, ass up, is how we roll up in here.
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She wants all the money but doesn't want to do any of the work to get it. She's going to have to do some work for us here though. Before this First Time Auditions episode was over, we had Ashley bent over the couch, taking it deep from a big cock. Welcome to the world of porn, Casting Couch Teen! We hope she liked her first time experience.
When this young teen came by the First Time Auditions studio, she had an idea we did nude modeling by the looks of the furniture. She had no idea how far we would go though. She was game for anything we threw at her and that's just how we like it here at Casting Couch Teens. Join today to see her and the rest of the First Time Auditions!
This crazy hoe answered our ad in the local paper to become a model. Her ultimate goal is to be a runway model. Unfortunately for her, it's not going to happen because she's so short. We've got a role just right for her though, a spot on our amateur porn site: Casting Couch Teens, where young amateur college girls come by for their first audition.
This odd cutie patootie has never been on film before, and of course she's never been fucked on video before either. There were many "firsts" in this episode of First Time Auditions. If you want to see all of our casting couch teen girls in their first porn auditions, join today and get your password to this exclusive casting couch amateur site!
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Our very first sweet teen came by to sit on our casting couch. Her dream was to be a model in America. She learned she has to become a porn star model first though. She didn't like the idea, but once we flashed hundreds of US dollars in her face, she quickly changed her mind. That's what all teens do when you show them your balls and some cash.
This rookie virgin wanted to come to us to get her modeling career started. Well she came to the right place. She had no idea what it was like to make it to the porn world so we could do pretty much anything we wanted with her. Take a look at her naked college audition. You'll surely see a new college chick losing her porn virginity on video.
This weirdo has always wanted to be a superstar so she came to First Time Auditions to make her dreams come true. She was going to be made into a superstar alright, a super porn star! Once we got her to sit on the casting couch, she started showing us more skin. Soon, she was sucking our cock rock hard. This is going to be one casting call she won't soon forget.
She came to us wanting to be a real porn star. She was only an amateur before, performing on her webcam and doing private home porn movies. After all of the fun we had, we turned this college coed into a true porn slut. Be sure to check out her First Time Auditions audition today, because it's one of those episodes that rocks, it rocks.
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She'is a nationally known model who always attends car shows in the bay area near San Jose and in Southern California as well. She has never done anything like this before but she needed some cash so we got this college teen to get naked in our audition and she did a lot more than just pose for some pictures. This Casting Couch Teen took a big facial straight to the face like a super star.
She came into the First Time Auditions offices wanting to be "America's Next Top Model". We did some test pictures with her (we told her we would send them to Playboy). We offered her another opportunity. She was to suck and fuck for cash on a reality porn site. She wasn't so sure she wanted to do that, but once the cash was presented to her, she was sucking and fucking like a porn star.
She answered our advertisement on the local college newspaper. But this chick couldn't sing or even dance. She was good for nothing. We decided to offer her a role on an upcoming episode of First Time Auditions. This teen was sucking and fucking and working her way into the porn world in no time. That's what she gets for being a cute little slut who can't keep her hands of of strangers cocks.
She has always been a model so she answered our personal ad and an innocent photo shoot turned into one crazy naked college audition. She sat on the couch and accepted the deal. First Time Auditions is the place to go to see real college first timers fucking on video for the first time for cash. Join First Time Auditions today for only a trial membership to see the full length video today.
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She thought she was going to be the next hot super model, that show hosted by Tyra Banks, but she quickly learned that this Casting Couch is for our all exclusive reality porn site. She wasn't to sure about it at first, but after some talking into and a lot of money waved in front of her face, she was sucking hot slick cock and getting fucked nice, slow & hard in no time!
She came into the casting couch for her audition after reading a newspaper ad we had placed. We were seeking hot girls willing to show some skin for a new movie. She got naked right away and her hot body was all we needed to get a boner. Take a look at her casting couch audition video to see just how wild she got in her very first episode.
This babe came into the First Time Auditions studios for her naked college audition. She thought she was going to audition to come out on a new MTV reality tv show (she thinks she's a guido) but we were filming the First Time Auditions bitch! We talked her into appearing and she ended up with a hot cock in her mouth. She was nice enough to swallow a cumshot too.
She thought she was coming in for an audition for a fucking cereal commercial. She soon figured out it wasn't about corn flakes but porn flicks. She nearly walked the fuck out until we flashed some cash in her face. Soon after that the clothes came off and she got real wild. Next thing you know, she had a cock and a pair of balls dangling in front of her face.
These fresh first timers want to be famous by showing their cute breasts
Just turned 18 and ready to start her career in the movie business, she answers our ad as a movie extra. We tell her it isn't an extra for a big movie, but for an erotic film. She wasn't to sure until the cash came out. Soon she was sucking cock and getting fucked!
She came to America, the land of the free, to get cock in her mouth. She loves to fuck as much as she can and she admits it like she's proud of it. With her body, she's bound to get any man she wants and is willing to do anything to get into show business.
She responded to our ad for the Girl Next Door look. She was a bit shy and a little reserved until the cash came out, amazing what girls will do for money. After a few nude poses, she had a hard cock in her mouth then on all fours getting her pussy pounded!
With her long legs and tight body she thought she was coming for a runway model interview. We had her going for a bit but told her this was the Casting Couch for Porn. Once a grand was flashed in front of her, the clothes were quick to come off!
The dreams of these horny teens is to make it into porn movies
This college girl here got naked real fast in her audition. She came in to audition for First Time Auditions looking for some extra money. This blonde college girl got right down to business, she got naked and gave head then rode atop a big cock. Naked college auditions can't go better than this one went. See Jewel's casting couch video in the members area.
She was a young lady looking to earn some extra cash. She had never been filmed while having sex before but she admitted it was a fantasy of hers. She was an excellent dick sucker and then she got up on the First Time Auditions casting desk so her pussy could get nailed! It wasn't that hard to blow a huge monster cum load on that pretty little face!
This honest virgin and hymen protector came in and got on her knees to get a mouthful of monster cock! Then she wanted her wet pussy penetrated so she bent over to get fuck-fucked from behind! At the end of this audition video, she gets some cum on her cute teen face! Join today to see how she looks with a big cock in her mouth.
She rapidly stepped into the offices of First Time Auditions and she was a bit nervous to audition for a porno site. She said she hadn't done anything like that before and she wasn't sure if she could follow through. But once she got that cock in her mouth, she was sucking like one of those pornstars. Check her out in the members area to see more of her.
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She is a cute little girl with a pink pussy! Her cunt was so tight she feels like a virgin! We got her on the casting couch and she showed us those perky nipples to fondle them between our fingers, damn are those some nice boobs! We came on her face and she had some cum land on her naked college tits as well.
Here's a crazy young college girl looking for sex. She told us that she really likes sex and especially loves to suck the big dick! This college whore will accept any cock in her mouth as long as she can fit it in there! In order to see her you must grab a password to First Time Auditions so you can access the naked college auditions.
Next up is this horny college exchange student, she's a real natural beauty with a big booty. She's never looked better than when she had an erect cock in her cunt! Her brown pussy lips got moist when she took in that dick deep inside her. This casting ended when she got a messy cumshot all over her hair and her forehead.
First Time Auditions is known for coming up with the exclusive college girls and this one is no exception. This is her very first time getting naked on cam. She just thought this was going to be a regular audition to be an actress. She came into our office horny and ready to fuck. At the end she insisted on getting a load
She's just one naked college girl we tricked at our audition. This little slut came into the office needing some extra money. She got down on her knees and started shaking that money maker. By that time she wanted stiff wiener straight up inside her snatch so she got banged hard.
This petite young college chick walked into our First Time Auditions casting offices looking so innocent and hoping to get on the site, but don't let her looks fool you - she's a little slut. This teen took it deep for over 30 minutes, download the video in the First Time Auditions members area!
This is one naked college audition you won't forget. She's got a little baby fat on her, but that's okay, she's nice and soft to stick pole deep inside. She's a great little slut and will suck dick like a lolipop and when she's ready for some fucking, she'll spread those legs wide open in anticipation of el cock.
It was this cute teens first time and she's never had sex on video before. Sure she was shy and reserved but when we offered her tons of money and whipped out a monster cock she freaked out and go so horny so fast that we had to get her stripped down and naked fast.
Do you want to hear about my porn story? Well even if you don't. Here it goes. I meet a girl online and she was such a hot babe. Let me tell you something, she had a really wide butt which makes sex fun because not only her boobies shake but also her booty too. She's not some hot MILF but rather a younger chick who flashes her boobs online. She's got large tits so large they could be natural or could be fake. But man can they shake either way. So do you like my story about my hot girlfriend? I'll tell you more about her suckable boobs later.

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